Chapter 3
The experience world on Earth is a kind of Flight Simulator or, even better, a Life Simulator. Living in the Life Simulator, we are allowed to experience whatever we want: good/bad, honesty/dishonesty, perpetrator/victim, etc.
Before we enter or re-enter the Life Simulator, we write the script for the lifetime in which we want to experience certain imperfections. We agree to forget what we agreed upon; otherwise, the experience would not seem to be real. Our souls love each other so much that they even agree to play the most dramatic roles for each other.
It is impossible to do anything wrong, because in the Life Simulator everything is experience, and experience is neither good nor bad, but leads to wisdom and conscious awareness of who and what we really are.
All human beings in the experience world are Students who follow certain experience programs in the Life Simulator. There are programs for being rich, being poor, being a leader, being a servant, being the abuser, and for being the abused, etc., etc. There are Students who are just starting in the Simulator and others who are almost ready for graduation into Real Life. In due time, all Students will return to Real Life, but every Student has its own individual path with curricula.
Humanity as a whole has gone through innumerable experiences, and consciousness about our real Divine nature has grown so much, that humanity is on the way to emerging into the next level of growth. After eons and eons of experiences in the Life Simulator, enough Students are getting ready to live in perfect balance, and in perfect harmony with their sisters and brothers on Earth.
After eons and eons of experiences we, as humanity, are well on our way to graduate into Real Life in full awareness of our Divine nature.
Humanity is getting ready for graduation, for Enlightenment, for Ascension into higher dimensions!
Though humanity is on track for graduation into Real Life, many Students in the Life Simulator still experience fear. This fear is in part a general fear of the unknown, but a substantial part is (sometimes deliberately) caused and spread by Students who follow the Power/Leadership Program.
When Students are experiencing power for the first time, they often have not yet experienced the abuse of power in a victim lifetime. That’s why they might have chosen to experience greed and abuse of power in their present lifetime first.
As a part of their experience they act like cancer cells and create tumor-like organizations that take as much energy as possible and grow at the expense of the societies in which they operate. Maybe they are graduates in another discipline, but they are Freshmen in the Power/Leadership Program.
For the scope of this booklet, those (abusive) powerful Freshmen are called the Leadership Freshmen and the group of organizations in which they operate is called the Power-School.
Greed and abuse of power have separated the Leadership Freshmen from the living society to which they belong, and that’s why they continue their practices. They don’t feel the unity with their society and with Mother Earth anymore, and are mainly interested in increasing their own prosperity.
Of course, this is all part of the experience program of those Leadership Freshmen and their victims, and both parties don’t know on a conscious level that they are only playing a role on the stage of the Life Simulator.
However, the Leadership Freshmen know very well that they can only control other Students if those Students are fearful, so sometimes they deliberately spread fear in order to maintain their (illusion of) power.
But, by doing so they also create the perfect stage for the Students, who are their victims, to overcome their fear and set themselves free.