In Organic Cooperation, Frans Baars takes you on an inspirational journey to your True Self. Step-by-step, he guides you through the world of “good” and “bad” in the Life Simulator to the world of truly BEING in Real Life in Paradise.

In Part I, Frans describes the journey from Light to Density. He explains in a clear way why our souls made the choice to experience life as Human Beings on Earth in a world of duality (good/bad, rich/poor, etc.). He has no judgment about the so-called “bad ” things that happen on Earth, nor does he praise the so-called “good” behavior of people. Everything is simply “experience” and experiences are the building blocks for enlightenment and wisdom.

In Part II, Frans immediately makes clear that nothing can stop the return from Density to Light any longer, because there is already enough Light of Consciousness on Earth to make this transition possible. By accepting their divine nature, more and more people can participate in the creation of the New Earth. He shows that everyone already possesses a blueprint for the natural development of Organic Communities. He makes you aware of your True Self, and your ability to switch your “Mode Selector” to “Real Life”. With the Quantum Mirror technique, he teaches you the tool that magically shows you your hidden parts, making the possibility of real change available to you.

Perhaps the most important thing of all is his warning to avoid fighting the so-called “bad” behavior of other people, because it will pull you back into the slower frequencies of fear.

In Part III, Frans outlines the natural development of Organic Communities in accordance with the Flower of Life principle. He further describes New Leadership and offers the Quantum Mirror also to governments, corporations, and religious and other organizations.

He makes clear that everybody and everything on Earth is a part of Mother Earth, and that we are all part of the body “All There Is”.  Organic Cooperation is the natural result of BEING what you truly are, and life in Paradise is where you truly belong.

Points of Interest about the Book

Unity in a divided world:
The world seems more divided than ever these days. “Organic Cooperation” shows the way to return to UNITY. Certain forces on our planet deliberately spread brutality, insecurity, and fear:  REACTING to brutality, injustice, insults, and abuse of power is exactly what those forces want to create, because by REACTING with anger and fear, people give their own power away. “Organic Cooperation” shows the way to surpass “reacting”.

Following your own drummer:
Human beings are not meant to be victims of abuse. They are perfect beings who can take complete responsibility for their own lives. They just need to “wake up” from their dream state. “Organic Cooperation” provides you with the tools that enable you to wake up so that you are able to return to your perfect True Self.

Creating a new world:
When we surpass “judging” we begin living on a higher frequency. The new world is a new reality on a faster vibrational level, which can be compared to a radio station with a higher frequency.

Table of Contents

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