It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the author of the book “Organic Cooperation”, Frans Baars. Frans is a guy with quite some experience in life. He was born in the Netherlands just before the “Hunger Winter” of 1944/1945 during the Second World War. Because there was almost no food, his mother breastfed him until far after the liberation in May 1945. Although he was rather small as a boy, he had great ambitions, because he wanted to become the Pope. At age 11, he went to a seminary to become a priest, but that did not work out. After three years, he returned home because of a stressful situation there. He completed his education, and then had a mandatory tour of duty in the Army of The Netherlands. He became a Lieutenant of the Dutch Cavalry in a British NATO camp in what was then West Germany. At the end of his military service, he married and began his  business career. He started his own firm as an internationally operating business consultant. Although he was absorbed by the practicalities of his daily family and business life, Frans always found time for his spiritual development. He read Ayn Rand, the books of Carlos Castaneda and many other metaphysical books. His work as a consultant was based on his vision that companies and organizations are ORGANS in human society and Mother Earth. In 2002, Frans retired from the business world in order to create more time for his spiritual development. He began attending seminars for personal development and spiritual growth. One of those seminars led him to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2004, where he met Marilyn Zschau, who was the channel for The Archangels. In late 2005, they were married on Oahu, Hawaii by Kahu Fred Sterling of the Honolulu Church of Light. Frans and his wife Marilyn Zschau Baars established “Archangel Healing” and started giving healing sessions to clients. In 2007 Frans became a permanent resident of the USA.
Frans, Marilyn, and their dog Boofie live in California.
Let’s give a warm welcome to Frans Baars.