Unity in a divided world:

The world seems more divided than ever these days. “Organic Cooperation” shows the way to return to UNITY. Certain forces here on Earth deliberately spread insecurity and fear through brutality: Your REACTING to incidents of brutality, injustice, insults, and abuse of power is exactly what those “certain forces” are interested in creating, because when you are REACTING with anger and fear, you give your own power away. “Organic Cooperation” shows the way to surpass “REACTING”.

Following your own drummer:

Human beings are not meant to be victims of abuse. Humans are perfect beings who are meant to take complete responsibility for their own lives. They just have to wake up. “Organic Cooperation” provides you with the tools that enable you to “wake up” in order to return to your perfect True Self.

Creating a new world:

When we surpass “judging” we start living at a higher frequency. The higher frequency of the “New World” comprises a reality on a faster vibrational level. Simply put, it can be compared to a radio station’s bandwidth broadcasting at a higher frequency.