Frans Baars was born in 1944, during World War II in The Netherlands. As a young child, he wanted to become the Pope, so at age 11 he went to a seminary to become a priest. However, life had other plans for him. After he had been there for 3 years, his sister asked him to come home, because of the stressful situation there.

After his return from the seminary, at age 14, he became aware of the power of belief, and started using pebbles and stones for maintaining or regaining health, for succeeding in exams, etc., and discovered that the stones facilitated the establishment of beliefs, which created the desired results. He was interested in magical beings and the supernatural, and, at that time, he held a firm belief that some of his dreams were more real than his everyday life. At age 16 he started reading books about world religions.

After completing his education, he had a mandatory tour of duty in the army. He became a Lieutenant of the Dutch Cavalry in a British NATO camp in (West) Germany. At the end of his military service, he married and started a business career. He then studied actuarial science and became a business consultant. Though absorbed by the practicalities of his daily family and business life, he always found time for his spiritual development. He read Ayn Rand, the books of Carlos Castaneda and many other metaphysical books.

At the age of 30, he participated in a month-long training on an estate near Amsterdam of the Human Potential Movement, led by Richard Peterson. He started his own firm and was co-founder of the Multinational Group of Actuaries and Consultants. He became a consultant for quite a number of multinational companies. His work as a consultant was based on his vision that companies and organizations are ORGANS in Human Society and Mother Earth.

In 2002, Frans retired from the business world in order to create more time for spiritual development. His spiritual journey achieved a new dimension in September of that year, when he read the book “Remember”, written by Steve Rother and The Group. This book changed his life forever, as he started attending seminars given by Steve Rother in The Netherlands. In 2003, he spent seven weeks in the rainforests of Brazil near Peru, where he experienced the magic of that region, the healing power of plants, and a deep, deep cleansing on all levels during numerous ayahuasca ceremonies.

During a later seminar of Steve Rother, he met Ronna Herman, who is the Messenger for Archangel Michael. She told Frans that he was a Lemurian. By doing some research, he discovered that Lemuria is considered an ancient continent with an advanced civilization that sank beneath the seas of the Pacific Ocean, and that the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of ancient Lemuria. Because the next seminar of Steve Rother would take place on the Big Island of Hawaii, he decided to attend that seminar.

On April Fool’s Day, 2004, at Steve Rother’s 04/04/04 Seminar, he met Marilyn Zschau, channel for the Archangels. A year and a half later, in September 2005, they were married on Oahu, Hawaii by Kahu Fred Sterling of the Honolulu Church of Light. In February 2007, Frans became a permanent resident of the USA. He and his wife Marilyn established “Archangel Healing” and started giving healing sessions to clients.

In December 2012, Frans and his wife and over 900 other people from all over the world participated in what was called “The Lemurian Reunion”, which took place on Maui, Hawaii. This event, organized by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, played an important role in the development of the New Earth.

Frans, his partner and wife Marilyn, and their dog Boofie live in California.

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